Information Security Policy

  1. To enforce this policy, Apollo Games. has implemented security regulations according to the ISMS standard - Information Security Management System according to ISO/IEC 27001 as an integral part of its management. URL link to the certificate  
  2. Availability and integrity of information (information undamaged, unaltered, complete, etc.) at the time and place according to the business needs of the company, only to those who need it for their work activities, thus maintaining the confidentiality of information according to the established classification of information (public, restricted, confidential). 
  3. Managing the entire information lifecycle, i.e. processing information from the moment it is acquired or created to its disposal. 
  4. Taking security measures directly proportional to the current level of risk associated with information security threats. 
  5. By regular monitoring, risk assessment, security incident management, corrective and preventive measures, we will increase the effectiveness of information security management. 
  6. The Information Security Policy is binding on all employees and stakeholders. 
  7. Employees are continuously educated and trained in information security. 
  8. External entities are contractually obliged to comply with the internal regulations of Apollo Games. 
  9. Violation of the information security rules is considered a serious breach of a duty arising from the legal regulations relating to the work performed by the employee and is subject to disciplinary proceedings. 
  10. All employees and external workers have the opportunity to report any discrepancies with this policy directly to their manager or by email to 

This policy is reviewed annually by the management of the company, the last review being dated 01.11.2022. 

Jindřiška Moravcová, CEO